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About CorruptionSound (aka. KnorruptionSound)

I'm a little artist, doing some video remixing and noises. Born 1992 in Germany. I made myself some good article on a wiki website that cover my video creations: http://youchew.net/wiki/index.php?title=CorruptionSound

E-Mail: ericpillmayer AT yahoo DOT de


About my noise projects

GxSxOxGxPx (Grotesque Sounds Of Gore Presents)

I began some noisy experimentations with MAGIX Music Maker 2005 in late 2007, but the real start was in February 2008 with this little shit noise project. Some recordings were done, a few were deleted sometime later.

After creating my Youtube account in May, I decided to create "demos" for the channel. With a cheap headset, non-electronic shit, a Botempi keyboard and other crap, I cranked up my computer with Audacity and MAGIX Music Maker 2005 and went crazy.

It resulted in 29 demos posted until November, the 21st 2008. Every demo was unique in its own. I continued producing shit for other labels. The last recording was made in May 2009, then this project ceased.


AxBxNx (Anything But Necessary)

This project started in September 2008, co-existing with the other. The early goal was to record MIDI files and distort them in Audacity to a static mess but after my previous project went defunct, this project turned out to be a general upgrade of the previous project.

The first recordings of this project are on the 7-way net-split with my other projects. I had my first real internet split release with Psygima, a noise project of a danish guy. After that, I made several recordings for different internet labels.

Formerly, the AxBxNx stood for "Anal Buddism Noise", but now it's a bit different. Now, it could be for anything than just noise.


SxSxTxNx (Sarcomaromatic Shit To Napalm), K7A (Kanal 7 Arbeiter), TxTxSxWxTxGxOxTxGx (That Talentless Shit Without The Glasses Of That Guy), Neojazz Shitfest & Gory

These were mostly one-time projects for a short time.

SxSxTxNx was created in 2008 sometime, specifically for recording off my Nintendo DS.

K7A was intended for doing analouge recordings only.

TxTxSxWxTxGxOxTxGx was really just a mere joke, using chopsticks to create minimalistic noisecore.

With Neojazz Shitfest, I recorded one song where I went crazy with the drum mode of the Botempi keyboard.

With Gory, I made one demo containing structured and noisy gore-themed songs.

The noteworthy 7-split shitfest split was for some projects the only appearance ever.

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