About CorruptionSound

I'm an artist in both video remixing and noise making. I'm from Germany and was born in 1992.

As a noise "composer"

I began some noisy experimentations in late 2007, but became very active in 2008. I began making shit/noise songs under the project "GxSxOxGxPx" (Grotesque Sounds Of Gore Presents). When I created my Youtube account on May, the 23th 2008, I got more active in making noise. GxSxOxPxGx wasn't my only solo project, I had other projects too. I had "AxBxNx", which was supposed to be a MIDI destruction project, but became later a replacement for GxSxOxGxPx. There were also Joke projects with only one release. Now, that I only have AxBxNx, I'll make recordings only under this name, but because I'm making lots of video remixes, I'm pretty much inactive with the project.

As a video remixing artist

You can find the informations here:


About my noise projects

GxSxOxGxPx (Grotesque Sounds Of Gore Presents)

I started this shit noise project in February 2008. I made a demo by recording my fingers using as "drumsticks" with my headset on Audacity. I deleted the demo after a while with some other files. Some weren't deleted. After I made my Youtube account in May, I decided to make demo recordings and post them on Youtube. With a cheap headset, non-electronic shit, a Botempi keyboard and other crap, I cranked up my computer with Audacity and MAGIX Music Maker 2005 and went crazy. My first demo is called "SHIT FOR YOUTUBE" and was released on June, the 21st 2008. After that, I released 28 more demos on my channel until November, the 21st 2008. Every demo was unique in its own. Some demos are recordings I made before joining Youtube, like the 11th demo, which was recorded in April 2008. After that, I made some recordings for internet labels. After I've made the last recording in May 2009, this project got defunct.

AxBxNx (Anal Buddhism Noise)

This project started in September 2008. The early goal was to record MIDI files and distort them in Audacity to a static mess. The first recordings of this project are on the 7-way net-split with my other projects. I had my first real internet split release with Psygima, a noise project of a danish guy. After that, I made several recordings for new releases on different internet labels. My style went different. The goal is now to do all kinds of noise shit. It's like GxSxOxGxPx, but even better, louder and more experimental.

SxSxTxNx (Sarcomaromatic Shit To Napalm)

I started this project in the late 2008, but I'm not sure. It was a project, where I had to record things off my Nintendo DS. The first recording is on the split release with GxSxOxGxPx. There is also a recording on the 7-way internet split release. It's defunct since a long time.

K7A (Kanal 7 Arbeiter), TxTxSxWxTxGxOxTxGx (That Talentless Shit Without The Glasses Of That Guy), Neojazz Shitfest & Gory

These were one-release projects. K7A was intended for doing analouge recordings only. But it had only one release on the 7-way internet split. I actually made some analouge tape recordings unter that name, but since K7A is defunct, the recordings are now AxBxNx recordings. TxTxSxWxTxGxOxTxGx was just there for coming up with short chopsticks shitcore songst. With Neojazz Shitfest, I recorded one song where I went crazy with the drum mode of the Botempi keyboard. With Gory, I made one demo containing structured and noisy gore-themed songs.


E-Mail: ericpillmayer AT yahoo DOT de