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Video editing


Late in 2007 or early in 2008, when I was on a Nintendo fanboy forum called "Nintendofire", I stumbled across a video remix in a thread abou funny web videos, which was most certainly spoofing the episode "Mama Luigi" of the "Super Mario World" series, the last in the unholy triangle of cheesy cartoons based on the world's famous plumber. Was it possibly by WalrusGuy? Was it possibly "The only Mama Luigi poop anyone has ever made"?
Whatever it was, it made me discover a plethora of such videos which eventually led me to discover a forum about videos remixes, "Youtube Poop Forum", later known as Youchewpoop and then just plain Youchew.


On May 23th, 2008, I had found myself creating my Youtube channel on May 23th, 2008. My first videos were about ROM corruptions of a few games, unfortunately I deleted them sometime in 2008 or '09 and thus it's gone for good. Not everything on the internet stays forever.

The genesis of a long "career" of video remixing has come in form of a short video remix with the nonsensical title "COMPLICATION OF EXPERIMENTAL SHIT (EXPERIMENTAL)", released in June 8.

Now, even though I had a start in the middle of 2008, video remixing was not my main focus yet, as I spend time posting tons of noise, either demos of my old trash noise project or stuff from other bands/projects, mostly noise and noisecore as well. It wasn't until the upcoming Summer of 2009 where I returned to creating visual art.

Back to the scene and beyond

Oh yeah, what program do I use to create those silly videos? Of course it was Sony Vegas, later known as Magix Vegas, and it sure holds up to this very day. I love the layout, how it allows for fast and flexible editing, and it's got some neat 3rd party plugins to implement, like Debugmode Wax.

But I'm getting a bit ahead, because Vegas was not my choice from the absolute beginning. Before I became myself with that casino-less delight, I used a different program. Until around June and July of 2009, I made all videos with Music Maker 2005 by MAGIX. Yes, that company that bought Vegas from Sony many years later.
Now, as nice as that program was for creating music and sounds, as a video editor it really does lack some features that we all take for granted, like the ability to keyframe effects (which look fancy, but you know...), or having transitions other than a simple cross-dissolve. Ironically, I had a more capable video editor by the same brand, albeit a more reduced version of the full experience, but still more capable, but heck, did I not make any use out of it for some reason.
When Summer was about to arrive, I discovered Sony Vegas, version 7, and I tried it out, but had some problems figuring out certain features, so I abandoned it for some time until I decided to pick it up again in July. I made more effort learning its functionality and thankfully came to fully appreciate it. Since then, it's been my favorite choice. I did try other video editors like Adobe Premiere, but I was never too comfortable with them. Viva Las Vegas!

Visual tennissing

And then what happened next was to be a change of my directions to the wonderful world of tennis remixing where one being would create a video remix and then pass it to someone else who would remix that remix, give it their own twist and then pass that back, and it would repeat a few more times until both call its quits. Look for my youtube playlists with "vs." in the title and then chronologically watch them videos to get an idea of how it's supposed to work. My first tennis match began in September 2009 and my partner was captainstewpid.

The forums

When I discovered the forum dedicated to video remixing, and the biggest of all, it was still in its early stage, although a lot of interesting had happened on it already, like the first ever video tennis match between ConradSlater and Misscellaneous10, bunch of collabs (which are really compilations, but whatever), some e-drama and what not. After some time had passed, the forum switched to phpBB, changed its name to "YouchewPoop", and started looking much more neat. That was April 2008.
Unfortunately, I didn't think of joining at that point due to shyness and low English skills. One and a half year had to pass until I felt ready to join 'em, but it's been long overdue, and I kinda regret having missed out on all the previous tennis tournaments and collaborations that I could've been involved with. Kinda sad, but that's how it went. At least I got involved with what was later to come.
I guess I could list the achievements that I got having been around, so here I go:
- Winning the fourth tennis cup
- Participating in over 100 collabs
- Playing over 100 tennis matches and being one of the first to do so. The others were MountainDewMaNN (later known as dewman, dew, dani) and molhal (aka. GameBop). Definitely the first as a German.
- Becoming one of the tennis "facks", a bunch of moderators looking over the tennis and collaboration subforums, in January 10th, 2014.
I had an overall good experience. I guess when you aren't involved in whatever bullshit was discussed in the Off-Topic section.
Now here's another one for the books. Over where I'm living, a German equivalent to Youchew was conceived in December 2008. I joined there around November 2009. It was a much smaller community and a bunch of notable contributors went to form a chat group based in Skype, later Discord. I joined there in October 2011.
Although there aren't as many achievements to report than from Youchew, I did become a moderator for a specific subform, then turned into a super moderator and close to the end of the forum's life, I've lived long enough to see myself become the villian. I mean, I became an administrator, not a tough jobe considering there was barely any activity when that happened. And no, I didn't cause it to die, honest guvner.

Audio cacophony tales

GxSxOxGxPx (Grotesque Sounds Of Gore Presents)

A ridiculous name for a ridiculous shit show of cheesy cacophony.
In late 2007 I experimented with MAGIX Music Maker 2005 to do stupid but noisy recordings, however that was not the start of this project. I just messed around.
It actually came about February 2008 when I made a demo, and guess what, it already had some very basic remix elements long before I created my channel, however it was too cringy so that I went to annihilate it sometime.

From June - November 2008, I released 29 uniquely stupid demos on youtube, some of which had some stuff from before I created the channel, and after that contributed to a few internet based labels until I ceased to create utter shit under the Grotesque Sounds brand.

Usual features were: Cheap headset, Botempi keyboard, chinese chopsticks, the lid of a basic HP printer and some other crap laying around. I would use that MAGIX program and Audacity to record and "refine" the sounds.

AxBxNx (fomerly: Anal Buddhism Noise / now: Anything But Necessary)

Started in September 2008 for the specific purpose of audio recording MIDI files and then utterly destroying the recording with effects. Now that's some audio remixing right there.
After the death of GxSxOxGxPx, it became its replacement and I continued to get creative and do something else instead of mere MIDI corruption, which is also reflected in the name change. My portfolio in contributions to other labels is also much bigger, and I managed to get a few physical releases out. Gotte love them tapes.

Other short-lived, mostly joke projects

SxSxTxNx (Sarcomaromatic Shit To Napalm)
Specialized in Nintendo DS audio diarrea.
K7A (Kanal 7 Arbeiter)
Specialized in analogue bullshit. Only one recording on the fabled 7-way split release.
TxTxSxWxTxGxOxTxGx (That Talentless Shit Without The Glasses Of That Guy)
Joke project for a 7-way with my other projects. Just some minimalistic Noisecore with chopsticks.

Neojazz Shitfest
Same as above except for using a Botempi sample keyboard to create complex but random drum solos or something.

Same as above except for being Goregrind-inspired Noisecore with, the mind collapses, gore-themed lyrics.

The label

In 2015 I started running the label called "What's that?! It's the label records", but later just went with "IT'S". That ridiculous name at the start didn't help me bring lots of people over to get their shit released digitally and physically, but oh well, it's pretty much just for releasing my stuff now unless someone surprises me with something interesting.
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