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....been an interesting experiment, RIP 2015 - 2020. Here's the entire catalogue for anyone caring.

***NEW*** IT'S 13! Doomed To Cringe - GxSxOxGxPx Youtube demo collection from 2008

"That's a lot of farts in there" t. Gordon Ramsay. Of course it's old noise shart from back of the day when Youtube was much better - Download

IT'S 12! AxBxNx - "GORGE!"

Weird Noise - Download


IT'S 11! AxBxNx - "Buzz' light ears turn infantile and beyond"

Websitecore - Download


IT'S 10! Frohlockende Fabeln

Frohlockende Geschichten für echte Menschen (Deutschisch) - Download


IT'S 9! AxBxNx - At the mountains of madness & bile

Noise ambient - Download

IT'S 8! The gay S.'s - s/T

Dumb/Short story (English) - Download


IT'S 7! Various Artists - Stepping Stones

Dubstep/Parody - Download

IT'S 6! AxBxNx split with Handicap Handjob

Noise/Noisecore - Download

IT'S 5! 7-way shitfest (GxSxOxGxPx, Gory, K7A, TxTxSxWxTxGxOxTxGx, AxBxNx, Neojazz Shitfest & SxSxTxNx)

Noise/Noisecore - Download

IT'S 4! AxBxNx split with GxSxOxGxPx

Noise/Noisecore - Download

IT'S 3! AxBxNx - Ein Glas Abdulla Kühl

Noise/Ambient/Abstract - Download

IT'S 2! - Chaoten WG - "Chaoten Beats"

Trash Noise - Download

IT'S 1! - AxBxNx split w/ Enterfant

Harsh Noise/Experimental - Download

Dies ist eine kostenlose Homepage erstellt mit hPage.com.